Joint-Use Equipments
In the Joint-Use Division, there are several experimental apparatus for joint-use.


SQUID Magnetometer (MPMS)
(Quantum Design)

 Schedule of MPMS (Japanese)
* Measurement Service

Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS3)
(Quantum Design)

 Schedule of MPMS3 (Japanese)
* Measurement Service

Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)
(Quantum Design)

 Schedule of PPMS (Japanese)
* Measurement Service

14T Superconducting Magnet, Teslatron
(Oxford Instruments)

Dilution Refrigerator LD400

MilliKelvin Quantum Platform
Contact here
photo of LD400

* Measurement Service ... We provide the measurement service (only MPMS, MPMS3 or PPMS)
About Joint-Use Division
 In the Joint-Use Division, we provide measurement service, rental use of the experimental apparatus, rental laboratories with helium recovery line.

Contact us

Technical Staff. Ryo TODA

  • Phone 22864
  • Mail openlab[-at-] *please replace "[-at-]" to "@".

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