Description of Liquid Helium Supply
Note for New Liquid Helium Users
 The procedures for getting supply are as follows.
 Register your Laboratory as a Liquid Helium using Laboratory. This may take more than a few weeks depending on your Helium recovery facility.

  1. Read the 【Internal Rules for Using the Liquid Helium and Liquid Nitrogen】 (Japanese) and the 【User Manual (for Cryogens)】 (Japanese). Contact Liquefaction Division of the CRC via E-Mail (teion-info[-at-]
  2. To get the Liquid Helium, you need to prepare recovering system for helium gas (e.g. recovery piping, gas flow meter, gas purity indicator, and so on.).
  3. Confirm your local Delivery / Retrieve Place closest to your laboratory.
    • Liquid Helium Vessels are delivered to the predetermined places in the campus
  4. Submit an application document to CRC-office.
  5. After confirmation of your application, CRC send you a notification of "registration completion".
  6. Submit an Application Document for the Payment of Liquid Helium to your local accountant.
  7. Send an initial value and the date of first use of your gas-flow meter via E-Mail. And then start to use.

Supply Procedure
  1. Order from the Ordering System for Liquid Helium.
    • The deadline of order is at 1:00 pm on 2 days before the requested delivery date, excluding Saturday, Sunday, holidays and specific non-delivery days.
    • Refer the User Manual (for Cryogens)
  2. Filled Helium Vessels will be delivered to the predetermined Delivery / Retrieve Place by a truck.
    • Delivery will be done for 15:00 - 16:00 business day (Mon. to Fri. except holydays and the days determined by the Cryogenic Research Center).
    • Depending on circumstance, Delivery time may eventually be changed.
  3. After receiving vessels, connect them to the Helium recovery system in your laboratory.

  4. If you consume Liquid Helium in the vessel, apply for retrieval of vessels via the Ordering System for Liquid Helium.
  5. Carry out the vessels to the Delivery / Retrieve Place by 15:00.
  6. We will pick up the vessels at Delivery / Retrieve Place.

Delivery / Retrieve Places
 ※Delivery / Retrieve Places may eventually be changed due to the construction of the buildings or the road repairing.

Hongo Section

Yayoi Section

Asano Section

  • Liquid Helium vessel has been blocked
    When you can’ t manage the blockage problem, call ext.22853.
    Reference: Blockage of Liquid Helium vessels (Japanese).
  • Registered information need to be changed (Representative, division, department or laboratory and so on).
    Submit an Application for Registration of Liquid Helium using Laboratory to the Cryogenic Research Center.
  • Registration of laboratory needs to be deleted.
    Send an E-Mail message to teion-info[at]
  • We want to accept Liquid Helium supply with S-labeled vessels (Laboratory’s property)
    Registration of the corresponding vessel is required, Consult Cryogenic Research Center in advance.
  • S-labeled Liquid Helium vessel needs to be scrapped.
    Send an E-Mail message. The vessel should be disposed on the responsibility of your laboratory.
 Other inquiries: teion-info[at]

We always intend to keep closer contact to the cryogen users to improve our service. We are looking forward to your demands, requests and claims as well. We will either take immediate action or examine for the budget depending on the cases. We are always welcome for your idea about new service, new equipment and so on.