The 7th Research Meeting of Cryogenic Research Center
■ Date: Feb. 23. 2016 (Tue.)
          9:30 〜 18:00 (Oral and Poster Sessions)
          18:00 〜 20:00 (Award Ceremony and Conference Banquet)
■ Place: Takeda Hall (No. 88 Bldg.1 Faculty of Science)  
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 On Feb. 28. 2016, “The 7th Research Meeting of Cryogenic Research Center” was held at Takeda Hall. In this year, 11 oral presentations, and 47 poster presentations was made by young researchers who belong to graduate schools of Engineering, Science, Agricultural and Life Science, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Earthquake Research Institute, and Cryogenic Research Center. Participants lively discussed the latest results, which were obtained by using the cryogen supplied from Cryogenic Research Center, beyond their research field. In addition, we had a special lecture titled "Particle Physics Experiments and Low Temperature Physics" by Prof. Makoto Minowa at Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science (Director of Cryogenic Research Center from 2005 to 2006). Participants asked active questions to his interesting talk.
 This year, the best oral presentation was awarded to Yuya Shimazaki (DC3, Tarucha Lab., Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering). The best poster presentations were awarded to Hideki Sato (MC2, Fukuyama Lab., Department of Physics Graduate School of Science) and Yu Nakashima (DC1, Natural Products Chemistry Lab., Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Oral sessions.

Poster sessions.

Conference banquet.

Award Winners.
From the left, Yu Nakashima (awarded best poster presentation), Yuya Shimazaki, (awarded best oral presentation), Prof. Seigo Tarucha (Director of Cryogenic Research Center) and Hideki Sato (awarded best poster presentation).

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