Description of Liquid Nitrogen Supply
Note for New Liquid Helium Users
 Read the Internal rules for using the liquid helium and liquid nitrogen(Jpanese) and the User Instruction (Cryogens)(Jpanese). Register your laboratory and your liquid nitrogen vessels. This may take more than a week. Supply procedures are as follows.
  1. Prepare liquid nitrogen vessels of your laboratory. The capacity is not less than 10L and should not exceed 120L. Vessels made of glass are not acceptable.
  2. Confirm your local delivery and retrieve place closest to your laboratory.
    • We register one Delivery / Retrieve Place for each vessel.
    • The vessel is delivered exclusively to the registered Delivery / Retrieve Place.
  3. Submit an application for liquid nitrogen using laboratory.
    • Download application (excel / pdf format Japanese).
    • Attach a brochure of the vessels which describe an exterior view and specification.
  4. After confirmation of your application, CRC send you a notification of “registration completion”, sticker indicating vessel registration No. and sticker indicating “Delivery / Retrieve Place”. Put those stickers to an appropriat position of your vessels.
  5. Payment of liquid nitrogen expense is settled by transfer across the divisions.

Supply Procedure

  1. In most cases, no ordering procedure is necessary in advance. Carry out your liquid nitrogen vessels in your Delivery / Retrieve Place by 8:00 of the delivery day. In a specified Delivery / Retrieve Place the supply service is not regular and an ordering procedure is necessary in advance.
  2. We will pick up the vessels at Delivery / Retrieve Place. The vessels will be filled at Cryogenic Research Center.
  3. Filled Helium Vessels will be delivered to the predetermined Delivery / Retrieve Place by trucking truck. Delivery will be done for 9:00 - 12:00 business day (Mon. to Fri. except holydays and the days determined by the Cryogenic Research Center). Depending on circumstance, delivery time may eventually be changed.
  4. Pick up your filled vessels to your laboratory.

  • Only one Delivery / Retrieve Places can be registered to one vessel.
  • If you want to use the vessel at another place, you need to modify resistration of Delivery / Retrieve Place. For details refer Q&A.
  • egular re-inspection is required for self-pressurized cryogen vessels. We can not supply the vessels which expire re-inspection period. For details.

Ordering procedure for Non-regular Delivery / Retrieve Places
 Send E-mail by 16:30 of previous day (for delivery on Monday, Friday of previous week).
  • Format: Please refer here (Japanese).
  • E-mail address: teion-info[at]
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Delivery / Retrieve Places
 ※Delivery / Retrieve Places may eventually be changed due to the construction of the buildings or the road repairing.

A.Regular course (A reservation is not necessary in advance)
B.Non-regular Course (A reservation by phone call is necessary in advance)
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Inspection of self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen vessels
The High Pressure Gas Safety Act necessitates inspection of self-pressurizing vessels for liquid nitrogen. Check and confirm the stamped month/year of the previous inspection on the production plate. If the vessels require inspection, proceed with the inspection.
Filling of the vessels overdue for inspection with liquid nitrogen is prohibited.
Consult Liquefaction Division of the Cryogenic Reserch Center or your local supplier to proceed with the inspection. For more detail please see the followings.

Ref. Inspection of self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen vessels (pdf-format)
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  • We want to get liquid nitrogen supply with new vessels.
    Submit an Application for liquid nitrogen using laboratory (Japanese). CRC will proceed an additional registration and send you sticker indicating vessel registration No. and sticker indicating “Delivery / Retrieve Place”.
  • The Sticker has been peeled off or damaged
    Send an e-mail to teion-info[at] CRC reissue the labels and send them to you.
  • Resistered information need to be changed (Representative user, division, department or laboratory and so on).
    Submit an Application for Registration of Liquid Nitrogen Using Laboratory (Japanese) to the Cryogenic Research Center.
  • Registration of laboratory needs to be deleted.
    Send an e-mail message to teion-info[at] The vessel should be disposed on the responsibility of your laboratory.
  • liquid nitrogen vessel needs to be scrapped. (has been scrapped)
    Send an e-mail message to teion-info[at]

 We always intend to keep closer contact to the cryogen users to improve our service. We are looking forward to hear your demands, requests and claims as well. We will either take immediate action or examine to appropriate the budget depending on the cases. Please feel free to express your idea about new service, new equipment and so on.

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