The 6th Research Meeting of Cryogenic Research Center
■ Date: Mar. 4. 2015 (Wed.)
          9:30 〜 18:00 (Oral and Poster Sessions)
          18:00 〜 20:00 (Award Ceremony, Evening Lecture and Conference banquet)
■ Place: Koshiba Hall (No. 98 Bldg.1 Faculty of Science)  
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 “The 6th Research Meeting of Cryogenic Research Center” was held at Koshiba Hall on Mar. 4. 2015 (Wed.). Many researchers who belong to graduate schools of Engineering, Science, Agricultural and Life Science, Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Science attended the meeting. In the oral and poster sessions, the latest results, which were obtained by using the cryogen supplied from Cryogenic Research Center, were presented by young researchers mainly composed of graduate students. After the scientific sessions, Prof. Douglas Osheroff (Nobel Prize in Physics 1996) gave us a 30 min. talk of Evening Lecture at the conference banquet. The story of doctoral research that led to the Nobel Prize brought a great encouragement to graduate students.
 Although it is 6th meeting from the beginning, the number of participants as well as presentations increases with each passing year. There were 120 participants, 11 oral presentations, and 49 poster presentations in this year. In addition to the general presentations, Prof. Hiroshi Fukuyama (Director of Cryogenic Research Center, and also Department of physics) gave us a special lecture titled “Research Interests of Helium as a Condensed Matter”. A lively and heated discussion beyond the research field have been made in the meeting.
 In the research meeting, we establish the prizes which encourage the young researcher who were able to explain their specific research clearly to the audience consisted of broad research fields. The best oral presentation was awarded to Kenichi Miyazono (Project Research Associate, Tanokura Lab., Department of Applied Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences). The best poster presentations were awarded to Daichi Oka (DC3, Hasegawa Lab., Dept. of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science) and Joseph Falson (DC3, Kawasaki Lab., Dept. of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering).  We would appreciate your understanding and corporation for the further continuing development of this interdisciplinary research meeting.

Oral sessions.

Poster sessions.

Conference banquet.

Evening Lecture.
Prof. Douglas D. Osheroff (Nobel Prize in Physics 1996)

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