Schedule of Liquid helium and Liquid nitrogen supply
Time table of supply suspension of cryogens(Apr. 1, 2017 - Mar. 31, 2018)
Date Description Scheduled supply suspension
(○:available / ×:not available)
Liquid Helium Liquid Nitrogen
Deliver Retrieve Deliver / retrieve
May 8(Mon.).
System maintenance ×
May 19(Fri.) Preparation for May Festival *Note *Note
Aug.14(Mon.) -
Aug. 15(Tue.)
Closure × × ×
Year end / New year Dec.28(Thu.) -
Jan. 4(Thu.)
Dec.29(FriThu.) -
Jan. 3(Wed.)
Dec.29(Fri.) -
Jan. 3(Wed.)

 Due to the traffic restriction in the Hongo campus, neither supply nor retrieve of helium vessels in the following places; Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Bldg., Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bldg., Medicine Bldg.1, Science. Bldg.4, Engineering. Bldg.5, Bldg.6 and Bldg.8, Agriculture Bldg.2 and Bldg.3(underground).